What The " Best Age " to wear contact lenses ??

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This is the frequent question that parents and even the children ask , with us eye care professional. With following of the trend for all this Social media Platform and some of the content display by the adult Influencer showing make up, glitter,and even color contact lens , Influence all this teen audience to follow their favorite influencer. While following the flow , and also influence from the friend that start early from fashion glasses , contact lens , and even sunglasses. But again..

It really need take a lot of responsibility to wear contact lens for young teen , if u search online ,  there will be many article that said 

"There is no age limit , depend the situation even baby also wearing contact lens even seniors. other eye care professional begin to encourage to wear lenses at age 11 to 14 "

" The real Issue is not the AGE , But whether the young wearer responsible enough to know , to handle and to take care their eyes and lenses "

It indeed big Responsible , from choosing the right lenses , the right solution , the precaution , The not to do list of thing and also the cost to wear lenses..

But, To be honest I quite Disagree for teen as young as 11 to 14 , to be encourage to wear contact lens , let me tell u my opinion : 

  1. First, They are too young .. and still need supervision by adult
  2. while following the flow , some dont really even need to wear contact lens ( just for fashion rather to correct your Vision)
  3. the Immature stubborn teen (yup i deal with them when we teach some teen to wear lenses ) that think they know how to wear lens from the online video that they see
  4. we agree that certain age , from as young as 15 years olds  , is the good age for them to start wearing lenses as they start to be mature age and also learn more responsible such as washing their own laundry 

Many Type of lenses :


For newbie , for teen that start to wear contact lens , either learn from their parent , or learn by their own , is still better to consult with eye care professional , so we can advice and suggest what type of lenses , what brand that maybe suitable , what type solution , how to wear , what precaution , what not to do ,