What it mean with " Daily Wear " Contacts?


There is many type of contact lens in the market , some of the lens got some marking as daily wear even thought the lens is to be sell as monthly disposable lens , but what does it mean by daily wear contact lens ?

"We" contact lens user have use a lot of type of contact lens, such as daily lens, bi-weekly lens, monthly lens and even yearly lens . But , all this list is for term of " how long that we can wear this lenses ?  &  What is the replacement time for the lens ? " The one that always and always got misunderstood is the phrase of " DAILY WEARthat appear and printed , even on the Monthly lens packaging . The consumer , the user that  buy the lenses and too overly observant with the packaging , rather than read more thoughly the specification of the lens ( if you are buying the lens online ) , seem always ask their seller , the Optometrist , the one that selling them the product with ther lens with " DAILY WEAR" term  printed on it , " Are this is not monthly  disposable ? and it daily use? "


The answer is simple .. very simple .. All this missunderstood when what the contact  lens term printed is actually for indication of wearing !

Daily wear  refer to the ways of how the lens is worn , than what type of contact lens , A daily wear contact lens is use during a day and then u need to removed at night.  Wear around  8-10 hour as  advice from your optometrist .


Type of wearing Style for contact lens 

In the old Days , when there wasnt as much choice for contact lens , all this is much more simple matter .  There two type of how we need to wear our lens 

1. Daily Wear 

Like it explain just now , daily wear  mean for how long can we wear the lens for a day and as a warning, daily wear did not to be use for using when u are showering  and  u need to remove the lens before go to bed 

2. Flexible wear / extended wear 

Extended wear contact lens are  made of flexible plastics that allow oxygen to pass through to the cornea. those contact lens with a mark like air optix day and night is the example . Like Ortho K lens also is one of the lens that need to be wear when u sleep to help to corrected the vision.  Extended wear lens is the one that can be wear overnight and all according to your optometrist  fitting and advice


Know the different between daily wear lens & daily Disposable  lens !


Daily Wear is indication for how long the lens can be wear thru the days  , when u find this wording on your 1 month  disposable , 2 week lens packing , it doest  mean the lens that you buy is wrong .. it just mean within 1 Month time u can use the lens  , but at the same time  we only can use the lens  8 to 10 hour " daily wear "

Daily disposable is the lens that is made to last for one day use only , this lens indeed to be wear daily , or Daily wear and did not recommended to be re use and need to dispose after use ..